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Roof Space Ventilation

For roof ventilation products in Melbourne, Locked House Ventilation Systems has been providing the locals with quality products for many years. Looking at roof vents? Call our professionals today.

When done correctly, roof ventilation systems will remove the heat that overpowers your insulation and enters your living areas. Roof temperatures over 60ºc are common, even though 45ºc is uncomfortable enough to be problematic. After monitoring 15 homes where roof ventilation fan or Supavents powered roof ventilation systems have been installed, there was a 20% reduction, on average, of air conditioning costs.

Typically on a clear sky day of 30ºc, living areas would reach 40-45ºc by 4pm with first floor rooms gaining the most heat.

Air roof vents only, lowered the living area temperatures to 34-37ºc. Houses with eave grilles that admit cooling outside air temperatures dropped to 31-34ºc.

During winter the temperature range is less and thermal air currents are reduced. Condensation is often found in roof spaces (metal roofs suffer most) and a lack of subfloor ventilation adds more mould spores and moisture.

Kitchen and bathroom steam can create roof rain within a poorly ventilated home! Which is why having a ome ventilation system in your Melbourne home is important!

Roof ventilation systems will help keep your roof space fresh and dry, so insulation will maintain its R rating.

Evaporation uses heat that is stolen from your heated living areas when outside temperatures are lower and condensation usually starts at 13ºc.


EDMONDS high tech AIROMATIC and SOLAVENTI’S solar SOLAWIZZ are the best and our most popular models of roof ventilation fan and vents. They are:

- Performance guaranteed
- Low voltage
- Usually thermostatically switched on for head removal from a 240 volt plug
- They have 24 hour timers
- Solar power is an option

In our experience houses over 20 square meters should have a second fan installed to maximize results.

We offer custom design using our silent fan range with ducting to exhaust heat and moisture outside.


Locked House Ventilation Systems was involved in the development of EDMONDS SUPAVENT turbine roof ventilation fan products. The design brief was to make it the best in the world.

The support given to top and bottom is provided by two stainless steel bearings, which are smooth and prevents the noisy scraping that occurs as cheaper “whirlybird” models wear out.

For roof vents, and other vents systems like subfloor ventilation, in Melbourne and associated products, please call us today on 0419 344 840.

Roof Space Ventilation Roof Space Ventilation Roof Space Ventilation

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