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Roof Ventilation Products in Melbourne

Locked House Ventilation Systems was established in 1995 to provide low energy solutions to problems like dampness, mould, timber rot, condensation, heat and odors in residential and commercial environments.

At Locked House Ventilation Systems, we design and install roof ventilation products in Melbourne that will transform your property by providing fresh, clean and healthy living environments. Our service is both personal and professional for all your domestic, industrial and commercial roof ventilation needs.

Anthony King is the owner/operator of Locked House Ventilation Systems and brings 17 years of experience to roof ventilation products, delivering the right answer for your home’s requirements.

We are the preferred installer for Edmonds roof ventilation products in Melbourne. We professionally install sub floor damp reduction ventilation systems, suitable for all your ventilation needs. We take care of all sub floor drying and general ventilation for damp and roof ventilation issues.

Everything you need to know about Locked House Ventilation Systems:

• 17 years fixing building ventilation issues
• We offer a tailored design and installation service to find the right ventilation system for YOUR property.
• We provide a professional, friendly and personal service
• More than 570 homes’ completed
• Installation of solar, wind powered and 12 volt systems
• Professional friendly service from a sole owner/operator
• Australian owned and operated
• We have a working relationship with a wide variety of tradespeople who offer reliable services
• We choose the best products for you from the entire marketplace
• Recommended installer for Edmonds, Solavent and Fantek
• We’re available for contact via phone until 9pm or by email enquiry at anytime

You won’t have to deal with

• High pressure salesmen
• Inexperienced installers
• Expensive multi employee company over heads

Installation of one SUPAVENT per 10 square meter of home to maximize cooling, with eave grilles installed, one SUPAVENT has given satisfactory results for customers with 12 to 14 square homes.

Roof ventilation systems designed for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry’s and heat transference to colder areas of the home.

A holistic healing for SICK HOUSE SYNDROME is as beneficial for health benefits as re-sale value of your home.

Fair dealing and satisfied customers is our mantra!

We look Forward to being of service to you!

Anthony King

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